1208 type Tbases.

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2" dia. 14ga tubular

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Tbases have been around for so many years that they are considered an industry standard, almost a commodity. You can find many places to purchase them online, "click here to buy" they say. But what are you getting? What are they made of? Where are they made?    IS THAT ALL THERE IS?

We at Soren Holm Incorporated consider them to be anything but a commodity. Every base is manufactured to your specific needs with an option list to satisfy almost every requirement.

All welded construction, 3" diameter 14 gauge column with 2-1/2" diameter 14ga legs, precision laser cut top mounting plate, with adjustable glides.

Wire Access 01

Laser cut access holes top & bottom. 1-1/2" diameter with rubber grommets.

Mask off column & paint plate.


5/16" or 3/8"

Threaded ferrules welded


Edge Mounted Plate



Brazed connections with nickel-silver alloy. No assembly required here.

Laser cut mounting plates welded. No assembly required. Perfect for CNC drilled tops.

1-5/8" diameter glide, 5/16"-18 x 1-1/4" threaded stem.

Stiffening Gussets 4 Way, welded


Stiffening Gussets 3 Way, welded


Bullnosed End

caps welded


 locking/non-locking Office casters

2" Diameter



1-1/4"  nickel plated glide, 5/16"-18 x 1" threaded stem.


Wire Management

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locking/non-locking Industrial casters

2" diameter


Wire Access 02

Laser cut wire race 1" wide with magnetic cover plate.


Table  SHOX

auto leveling


QUICK PRICE - if you indicate quantity just below and packaging required near the bottom, you'll send a request for standard 24" black Tbases @ 27-3/4"h as pictured and the rest is optional!

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Flip Box Mechanism


Flip Box Mechanism

with Anti-Tip Device


9x9x3/16" bottom reinforcing






Linkage Bar for one-handed operation


Wire Access Orientation  

now standard

now standard

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Welded end caps. Refined details.

Washer welded inside column for rigidity. Legs mig welded underneath

Adjustable Height Crank Type

for tubular Tbases with 3" diameter column





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