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1100BD series bolt down post legs.

Bolt down posts are available from a wide variety of vendors, sourced from all over the world. Most buyers would consider them just a commodity product after all. But what are you getting? What are they made of? Who made them and where? Most are manufactured with only the market price in mind.  


We feel that our bolt down post legs are the best on the market, and consider them to be anything but a commodity. Every leg is manufactured to your specific needs. We make them round or square and even conical, with round or square columns, with or without foot rings, and to a multitude of finishes including plating finishes like chrome and satin nickel etc. & also powder coated to requirements. You can even order them with the top plate size, shape or positioning that you need to satisfy the design criteria of your project. We only sell with laser cut top plates so you can pre-drill your tops for easier installation. Our bolt down posts include a lock down screw for the floating cover, so you won't get that annoying "rattle" when users inevitably bump with their feet. Our floor mounting plates are 3/8" thick plate steel to take the loads of large or heavy tops, loads that would bend lightweight plates that our competitors use. You can stop looking for what you need, because we can manufacture what you want, right here in our factory. Table height, counter height, bar height, or any height you need, including custom height for seating applications.

1101BD Series bolt down posts

round posts


​square posts

3/4"    1"    1-1/4"    1-1/ 2        2"       2-1/2"          3" 


Large order

getting prepped

for shipping

Bolt down chair base with footrest.jpg

Custom foot rests

We also manufacture T or U shape bolt down bases for 2 top installations

Bolt down T shape.jpg

1101BD-T2 satin chrome

photo 4.JPG
Food court Y and bolt down 3.jpg
photo 2.JPG
photo 3.JPG
photo 1.JPG
Food court Y and bolt down.jpg
Food court Y and bolt down 2.jpg

1101BD-U2 satin chrome

Optional Details

​tapered posts


Stiffening Gussets 4 Way, welded


2"x1"          3"x1-1/2"                 4"x2"     

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