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Half Drum Bases

8010 Series


Half drum bases, also referred to as half cylinder bases, are fairly unique products not manufactured by very many companies. A very unique set of capabilities are needed, which we here at Soren Holm Incorporated are proud to employ. Finely hand crafted sheet metal half cylinder shape. For boardroom or dining room tables. Suitable for glass tops which reveal the industrial look a lot of clients are looking for. Also available with clips welded for securing wood tops. Available with cut outs for wire access and/or with a hinged locking door for access to floor monuments and connections. We can provide them with wire management capabilities. Add to that our ability to produce them with a multitude of plating finishes or with any of hundreds of available powdercoat colors, and you have a product offering that is anything but a commodity.


Don't settle for something off the shelf, have a half drum base manufactured for your specific application.

8010 Series


Available Sizes

14" dia x 7"

16" dia x 8"

18" dia x 9"

20" dia x 10"

22" dia x 11"

24" dia x 12"

28" dia x 14"




Hinged, locking access door

Wire management trough

between 2 bases

Wire management thru feed

Custom heights

proudly Made in Canada
serving North America
since 1989





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