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1100 series Post Legs.

Post legs, table legs, furniture legs just hold up your table, right? As long as there is one on each corner, you're good to go, right? You can buy them all over the web for like $3  just click and buy. They are just a commodity after all. But what are you getting? What are they made of? Who made them and where? If you need something special or different, you'll find yourself asking "IS THAT ALL THERE IS?" We at Soren Holm Incorporated consider them to be anything but a commodity. Every leg is manufactured to your specific needs, with an option list to satisfy almost every requirement. We make them round, square, rectangular, oval and even tapered pyramid shape. You can order the best size, shape, height and finish for your application. You can order them with or for casters, with wire management or adjustable height. You can even order them with the top plate size, shape or positioning that you need to satisfy the design criteria of your project. You can stop looking for what you need, because we can manufacture what you need, right here in our factory.

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round posts

1101 series
Table legs, post legs, furniture legs. round tube post legs

1-1/4"    1-1/2"    1-3/4"         2"           2-1/2"          3"                4"                       6"

1102 series
Table legs, post legs, furniture legs. square tube post legs

​square posts

3/4"    1"    1-1/4"    1-1/ 2        2"       2-1/2"          3" 

1104 series
Table legs, post legs, furniture legs. rectangular tube post legs

​rectangular posts

1x2   1-1/4x2-1/2"   1-1/2x3"     

1105 series
Table legs, post legs, furniture legs. oval tube post legs

​oval posts

1-1/4x             2x                   2-1/2x                3-1/4x

2-1/2"           2-3/4"              3-1/2"                 4-1/2"    

1106 series
Table legs, post legs, furniture legs. square tapered post legs

​tapered posts

2"x1"          3"x1-1/2"                 4"x2"     

Standard Details

Laser cut mounting plates welded. No assembly required. Perfect for CNC drilled tops.

1-5/8" diameter glide, 5/16"-18 x 1-1/4" threaded stem.

Optional Details


Edge Mounted Plate



Stiffening Gussets 4 Way, welded


Stiffening Gussets 3 Way, welded


 locking/non-locking Office casters

2" Diameter




Mask off column & paint plate.


1-1/4"  nickel plated glide, 5/16"-18 x 1" threaded stem.


locking/non-locking Industrial casters

2" diameter


Table  SHOX

auto leveling


Wire Management

Wire Access 01

Laser cut access holes top & bottom. 1-1/2" diameter with rubber grommets.

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