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What we do.

These many years of dedicated service to the industry have provided valuable expertise and experience that we enthusiastically lend to your projects.

We pick and poke, until we're sure we're building the right product. Here's why.

Far be it from us to suggest that we know more about what you want than you do. However in this fast paced, multi-tasking world we work in, someday, either you or one of your staff will make an error or provide contradictory information. We filter that, we back you up best we can. If something looks wrong, we'll do our best to sort it out, AND we'll provide a written acknowledgement of your order with a detailed description, just to give you one more opportunity to make sure everything is right!


With thirty two years of dedicated service to the industry, we have valuable expertise and experience that we enthusiastically lend to your projects. Utilizing the latest 3D modeling software and laser cutting technology, we can bring your projects to life!


We have benefited from helping companies, large and small, solve their design problems. This puts us in a unique position to offer multiple potential solutions for your needs. We will never copy or disclose a customers intellectual property, but you will benefit from many years experience in the contract furniture and metal fabrication industries.


Many of our clients purchase proprietary products from us. Some are wholly manufactured to customer specs, while some are developed through collaborative efforts. We ensure that follow on projects are manufactured to the customer's unique corporate requirements, even if not specifically detailed on drawings or purchase orders. We ensure consistency. We also endeavor to make sure that product you order today matches product you ordered long ago so your customer actually gets the same thing when they order "another one"

The only thing that outlasts the memory of paying for a product is the enjoyment of the item long after the bills are paid.

Doesn’t it seem like all of the really good stuff was made in the good old days?

The staff at Søren Holm Incorporated takes great pride in their workmanship, which results in an ever-improving level of quality, not only in the products themselves, but also in the daily interactions of staff, with each other and the environment around them. Quality queues are not found on lists or in books, but rather in the hearts of skilled craftsmen with an appreciation and understanding of the trade they practice proudly.

Quality queues are also not necessarily found in the customer drawings or notes. Successful project execution depends greatly on interpreting customer needs and intent and then applying common sense and experience to guide the project towards a successful and cost effective implementation. Applying design tools such as 3D modeling and modern manufacturing technologies such as laser cutting, we can bring the customer’s vision to life while saving time and money.

This approach has allowed Søren Holm Incorporated to successfully execute many large contracts, including custom components for 1000 rooms at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City and over 300 special Stainless Steel frames for hall tables in that hotel. We have also produced desk bases and metal components for the rooms at the Toronto Hilton Hotel and many others. 

Current projects include metal components for over 200 rooms at the new Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto. This includes custom frames for glass front doors and mirrors as well as desk bases and other components, all with a special satin pewter plated finish. Another recent project was supply of black chrome table bases for the L30 Restaurant at the Trump International Hotel in Toronto. We've also just recently manufactured high end table bases for almost 300 training tables at Harvard University.

We welcome the opportunity of collaborating on high profile projects with our customers. If you appreciate working with a group of people dedicated to successful implementation of your vision, then Søren Holm Incorporated is the team for you.

Twenty five years of dedicated service to the industry

have provided valuable expertise and experience, 

that we enthusiastically lend to your projects.

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