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Who we are.

  Søren Holm Incorporated is a leader in the area of metal fabricated furniture components. Since we opened our doors in 1989 we have been servicing the contract furniture industry with products that not only meet our clients needs but EXCEED their expectations for quality and precision. We are very proud of our hard-earned position as industry partner to some of the largest and most successful companies in the business. To our contacts within these companies – the individuals responsible for specifying and purchasing the metal components for their products – we are not merely a “metal shop”. We are an invaluable and reliable resource for engineering expertise and technical support, working not only to manufacture your products but to assist in their development when needed and add value wherever we possibly can.



   Though Søren Holm Incorporated has grown to a point where about 85% of the items we produce here are completely custom, we long ago secured our place as a supplier of one of the most extensive house-lines of table and furniture solutions currently available from a single source. This is where our company got our start and we continue to specialize in this area. Our line offers an extensive array of superior quality bases, legs and frames to suit a wide variety of applications - From offices, conference and boardrooms, to hospitality environments like restaurants and hotels, to public facilities such as schools, libraries and shopping malls, to healthcare environments such as hospitals and nursing homes… And beyond. To complete our offering, we include variations of adjustable height, flip top and folding solutions as well as all of the necessary furniture “extras” one might need – Such as grommeted access, wire management, table ganging options, a selection of levelers and casters, end options etc.

   And best of all? If we’ve learned one thing in all our years of business, it’s that no two requirements are the same. So rather than asking you to compromise YOUR needs and bend to OUR offering in order to work with us we have always made all of our standard offering completely customizable. For you this means getting exactly what you need – In any size, height, finish and with any option you require.

   Please enjoy visiting this section of our website, for solutions that are table and furniture focused. We welcome you to contact us with any questions you may have or if there is anything with which we can be of further assistance. We at Søren Holm Incorporated look forward to working with you soon!

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