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In stock/surplus

ONLY $195.00 EACH

IN STOCK TODAY ---  sorry sold out

We had a client order a bunch of these for a school and we manufactured a few extra for sale. It's a good quality commercial grade dual surface adjustable base with top cranking. The 2 surfaces are independently height adjustable from 23" to 36". You add your own tops of whatever size suits. The mounting is 35" wide so the tops required would be 36"+ wide x 12" to 30" deep for the front and 12"-16" deep for the back surface. Also included is a kit to slide the work surfaces either forward for the front or backward for the rear.

These were originally priced at over $600.00 8 years ago, but they've been hanging around for too long. It's time to move them out the door, so you can purchase for just $195.00 each. We have 13 new in stock in original boxes. You'll need to do a wee bit of assembly, but it's an excellent value for the money!

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